Since 1982, thousands of successful people all over the world have discovered The Empowering Your Life Seminar and have changed their lives within a short period of time. Empowering Your Life can transform your life too. Its tested principles apply to everyone who seeks to develop themselves further and to operate at peak levels.

The Empowering Your Life Seminar is an entirely fresh way of looking out at the world and will connect you to the optimal life experiences you may be seeking. If you’re accustomed to looking at life one way, it’s a challenge to change. Think about yourself before you entered the Internet Age. Could you have imagined a virtual web connecting you instantaneously with people all over the world? A web that would save you money (online shopping), save you time (e-mails), and save you from traffic (Mapquest)!?

The only way your life is going to improve is if you start thinking in new, unexplored ways. The Empowering Your Life Seminar offers that new way to you.

Are the phrases, “I messed up, again,” “I can’t do this,” “What if I fail?” familiar to you? Do you regret that you’re not doing what you really want to do in life?

Sure, the nice car is in the garage, the 1.4 kids are playing in the yard, business is fine. But deep down, do you feel there’s more to life than meets the eye?

Remember all the dreams you had as a kid? Did your life turn out the way you thought it would?

These feelings and thoughts overcome everyone at some point in their life. Some call it mid-life crisis, some call it quarter-life crisis. And some actually do something about it.

The Empowering Your Life Seminar is about teaching you how to take every area of your life (love, work, play, health) to the level to which you were meant to experience it.

In this weekend seminar you will learn to apply a combination of the most effective self-empowerment technologies grounded in the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Huna (ancient Hawaiian Shamanism), and Quantum Physics.
You will understand where your life really is, the self-created challenges that throw you off center each day, and how to use the power of your conscious and unconscious thoughts to master your mind, your body, and your soul.

Whether it’s creating your perfect relationship, achieving and maintaining your ideal level of fitness, helping yourself or your kids get better grades in school, motivating your sales force, increasing your income, accelerating personal healing and growth, or advancing your career and/or business, you will discover powerful tools for making it happen NOW.

What is Empowering Your Life and what is it based on?
It is an intensive training process that transforms the way you think. It helps you remove the blocks that prevent you from doing, having, or changing what you want. Limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, and conflicting values can be eliminated, affording you the ability to make new choices about yourself and your life.

Matthew B. James MA., PhD developed The Empowering Your Life Seminar by tapping into his years of research and experience as a highly sought-after trainer and educator. His initial discoveries were combined with research from some of the world’s greatest thinkers including Aristotle, William James, Dr. Milton Erickson, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Additional research in the fields of Neuro-Physics, Quantum Biology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Empowerment Techniques, and Huna helped Matt craft a step-by-step program, which is quick, effective, and easy to use.

Empowering Your Life Will Help You:
Get What You Want
The techniques you will learn have helped thousands experience a richer sense of happiness, love, and mental freedom. The secrets revealed here are not hard to grasp. All you need is the desire to be better than you are today. Wherever you are today, fabulously successful or living comfortably within your means, this program will help you get rid of any known or unknown blockages, set higher goals than you thought possible, and then show you how to manifest them.

Unload Your Childhood Baggage
It’s not news to you that the baggage you carry around from childhood, high school, or any other life experience for that matter, limits you. Maybe you’ve got a giant trunk filled with bad memories, or just a small knapsack of limiting beliefs. Whichever it is, we all lug it around.

But not everyone knows how to get rid of it. Well, at least without spending thousands of dollars and years on the couch, like the famous line from “Pretty Woman,” when Richard Gere tells Julia Roberts “I had to spend $10,000 in therapy just to be able to say ‘I am ANGRY at my father’!”

The process we will teach you will get your head out of yesterday, focused on today, and creating an extraordinary tomorrow.

Four Key Reasons You Must Learn the Techniques:
1 – It’s time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do
Life’s too short for regrets. If you knew you couldn’t fail or get hurt, what would you do? The Empowering Your Life Seminar allows you to choose and experience those things you once only dreamed of.

2 – Concentration
Most people think they can’t concentrate because of a variety of reasons (ADD and anxiety being the most common). What we found is that for the majority of people, all that is required is having clear goals in front of them and possessing the proper tools and techniques to achieve that goal.

We’ll teach you how to sort through the barrage of thoughts besieging you every moment so that you can create a plan for your life. Then we’ll show you how to get it done.

3 – Personal Empowerment
Nobody is perfect. We all have things we want to change. The question is what do you want to change? Better performance at work? A deeper connection with your loved ones? More self-confidence?

We’ll give you the skills to make personal changes, quickly and easily.

4 – Control
The Empowering Your Life Seminar is about recapturing control over your life. It helps you release the stinkin’ thinkin’ that keeps you less than fulfilled. You’ve got unmined veins of gold inside – we will give you the tools to extract your hidden talents and desires and then guide you to the solutions you need to create a bright, compelling future.

Empowering Your Life will enable you to:

  • Get back in touch with the dreams of your youth
  • Release the negative emotions that cast a shadow over these dreams
  • Move out of sadness and into excitement
  • Put out the fires of anger and maintain greater self-control
  • Gain the ability to say “bye-bye, now” to guilt
  • Let go of the fear to gain unshakeable confidence
  • Experience total emotional freedom
  • Make smart decisions
  • Motivate yourself – especially when you’re not feeling it
  • Empowerment, empowerment, empowerment, empowermentâ and EMPOWERMENT!

Who can use the process?
CEO’s, housewives, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, therapists, doctors, lawyers, sales people, accountants, gardeners, bus drivers, scientists, stockbrokers, religious leaders….and you.

What if you Empower Your Life?
The real question is, “What if you don’t?” Studies show that when people look back on their lives, their biggest regrets aren’t what they did, but what they didn’t do.

When you Empower Your Life, the only thing you regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.